Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Morning Surprise!

Tabitha is an artist! Imagine our surprise when Tabitha comes crawling up with a huge smile on her face. I look down and she is holding a marker in one hand and the cap in the other. Her hands were covered in green marker stains!!! I gasped as she grabbed the arm of the sofa! I looked around and saw her beautiful drawing she had left Micah and I ON THE FLOOR! We had to laugh!!!! Thank goodness it wiped right up!


Marissa said...

oh boy! that sounds like Maleelah! I find that girls are more "artistic" and boys are more "destructive" ...Have fun with that!

Dacia said...

Good thing it cleaned right up. It's crazy how they love to draw and are surprised when we're not so happy about where they've drawn :) One of mine took a ball point pen to our leather couches and she was old enough to know better. Fun times!

Jennifer said...

aw, these are the times to remember. SO cute.