Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Girls Easter Pictures

We went to Sears and had pictures taken of the girls for Easter. We were there for 4 hours!!! All of us were so exhausted. But, I think we got a lot of cute ones. Here are some of our favorites...

Monday, March 23, 2009

These Are the Moments!!!!

This month has put our family through so many ups and downs. But, I'm so excited about the ups that I had to blog about some of them!!!!

For Tab's 9 month birthday she CRAWLED!!!! And on top of that, she crawled FORWARD!!!! For a few weeks she had been scooting backwards, but on her 9 month birthday, she propped herself up on all fours and took off. It's been no stopping her ever since!!!! She also began standing up. It's so cool!!!! We were so shocked when we walked into her room and found her just standing there waiting for us to come pick her up. Tabitha also graduated from her therapy. She's been going since she was 2 months old because of her torticollis. We'll miss Dr. Judy, but we're glad to move on from that! We knew this time was coming anyways because Tabs development has skyrocketed since she started daycare. (These pictures were taken when Tabs was 4 months old, look how much she's changed!!!)
Micah took Judi out snowboarding. He taught her how to do jumps. It's their favorite Daddy Daughter time.

So much fun!!!!