Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a fabulous Halloween this year. It's our very first Halloween in our new home! All the family from the Bourland side came over.

Tara made yummy Halloween food. From eyeball deviled eggs to a chocolate cemetary cake, it all tasted delicious. I decided to make chocolate cake because my Grandpa's birthday was on Halloween, and all growing up we always had chocolate cake on Halloween to celebrate his birthday. It never feels quite like Halloween without our chocolate cake. So the chocolate cake was in memory of my Grandpa.

Judi dressed up as a pretty witch and Tabitha was a cute lady bug. Conner dressed up as an Army Man (he said he was Uncle Robby) and Robbin was a beautiful princess. We put "Yes on Prop 8" stickers on all our candy we handed out. But, only about 20 kids came :( We love having our family come over and celebrate the holidays with us.

Micah and Judi decorated our front yard. They did such a good job. It looked GREAT!

Then on Saturday we went to our ward Trunk or Treat.
We had SO much candy left over from Halloween we talked my parents into setting up their trunk and passing it out for us. Oma brought her blow up Haunted House and we put it between both our cars. This way the kids could walk through the Haunted House when going in between our cars. All the kids LOVED it! Overall, I'd say our first Halloween in our new area went pretty well :)