Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Easter!

Friday night, after cranky Tabs went to bed, Judi, Micah and I decorated Easter Eggs. The early Saturday morning we went to the Ward's Easter Egg Hunt. After that we went out to breakfast at IHop, then came back to the house to start preparing for the family coming over. At 2pm, my parents, Aryn, Judy, Kathy and my Grandma all showed up for an Easter egg hunt, barbque and to watch a video about Christ. Then on Sunday we went over to my mom's house for another egg hunt and Easter dinner. I love Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Birthday!

Oh my gosh! I'm 28! It sounds so OLD!!!! For my birthday Micah had his mom come over and babysit Tabitha so we could go to a movie. We saw "Knowing". It's only our 2nd date since Tabs was born (she's 10 months old). So, I was in desperate need of a date. Then on Saturday he took me to PF Changs (my favorite restaurant). On Sunday my mom cooked me dinner and Aryn made me brownies. I love birthdays! Oh, and my parents got me a gift basket full of popcorn and a new popcorn popper. And some other stuff. It was great!