Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Date Night

For Valentines Day we decided to have a "Family Date Night". The girls woke up to lots of goodies. They each had a little stuffed animal with some candy and a Valentines Day outfit for our Date Night. We took them to the "Friends 2B Made" store in Ontario Mills.
We wanted to take them before they close down on August 2, 2009. Judi and Tabitha each picked out their dolls. Then we went over, and they picked out their dolls new heart.
They took the heart in their hand, rubbed it, then gave it a kiss before sewing up into the doll. Then they put their foot on the stuffing pumper and filled up their dolls.
The next step is to put them in the groomer chair and do their hair.

Once they are all glamoured up, then you move on to pick out an outfit.
After the dolls are all done we go over to the computers and create a birth certificate for each doll. Judi named her doll "Alexis Texas" (like Hannah Montana), and Tabitha named her doll "Baby Tab".
After we were done we went over to "Mel's Diner" and picked out whatever we wanted from the menu. Each of us had a huge meal with a desert. While we were enjoying our food we all selected songs from the Juke Box and listened for them to play.
We had a blast! I love Family Date Night! I'm thinking of making it a tradition!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tabitha's First School Party!

For Valentines Day, Tabitha's class had a party! She had cheese pizza (for her first time) for lunch, and she LOVED it!!!! Then they had cookies and cupcakes. Now, as everyone knows, eating for a baby is messy business. So, in order to preserve the clothes, they stripped all the babies down to their diapers and let them at it! I was able to come in for a little while at the end.
All her friends are Taylor, Daryl, and then of course Tabitha!

Also, if you look below the table, you'll see that they probably didn't eat very much of it! It looks as if most of it ended up on the floor.

Here you'll see some of her favorite teachers.

Miss Michelle

Miss Janice

Miss Victoria

Tabitha just LOVES to play at her preschool/daycare. She is learning some of the basic fundamental skills that will help her continue to develop. Such as crawling....

Of course she works so hard that by the time we are ready to go home she is so exhausted!
Another fun day at Tutor Time!