Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a fabulous Halloween this year. It's our very first Halloween in our new home! All the family from the Bourland side came over.

Tara made yummy Halloween food. From eyeball deviled eggs to a chocolate cemetary cake, it all tasted delicious. I decided to make chocolate cake because my Grandpa's birthday was on Halloween, and all growing up we always had chocolate cake on Halloween to celebrate his birthday. It never feels quite like Halloween without our chocolate cake. So the chocolate cake was in memory of my Grandpa.

Judi dressed up as a pretty witch and Tabitha was a cute lady bug. Conner dressed up as an Army Man (he said he was Uncle Robby) and Robbin was a beautiful princess. We put "Yes on Prop 8" stickers on all our candy we handed out. But, only about 20 kids came :( We love having our family come over and celebrate the holidays with us.

Micah and Judi decorated our front yard. They did such a good job. It looked GREAT!

Then on Saturday we went to our ward Trunk or Treat.
We had SO much candy left over from Halloween we talked my parents into setting up their trunk and passing it out for us. Oma brought her blow up Haunted House and we put it between both our cars. This way the kids could walk through the Haunted House when going in between our cars. All the kids LOVED it! Overall, I'd say our first Halloween in our new area went pretty well :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Last night we went to the pumpkin patch (al la Walmart) and we all picked out our very own pumpkins. Then this afternoon we all picked out our own pattern to carve and away we went.
Judi carved a cat, Tabitha just a regular face, Micah a scarecrow, and I carved a pumpkin face on fire. This is Tabitha's first year carving pumpkins.

As you can see she was in awe!
In the end our pumpkins came out looking fabulous and we all had a lot of fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Grandma....What Big Ears You Have?!?!

Tara decided to go to her grandmother's house to visit.

"Hi Grandma!"

"Wow Grandma, you're not looking too good."

"Grandma, somethings different"

"My Grandma, what big ears you have!"

"Grandma! What big hands you have!"

"What is that? A tail? Wait a minute here...."

"Oh my goodness, your not Grandma!!!!!"

Micah and I went to a Halloween Party last Saturday that Kristina and Jay threw. It was SO much fun. Plus, we won the cutest costume couple contest. We love Halloween. It's one of our favorite holidays.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kenyon Park

This morning we went to Kenyon Park with the Rialto First Ward Elder's Quorum. It was great, except no one else showed up! But, we didn't care because we had more fun with just our family. It was the very first time Tabitha's ever been to a park. We rode our bikes and Judi played on the playground. It was the first time I've ever been able to ride my new bike. We bought it last summer then I ended up pregnant! So, it was so much fun for us all to try out the bike trails. Judi is getting so good on her bike. Like a seasoned pro! Before we left I took Tabitha on a walk around the park. We had a blast!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cake & Pie

Next we went home, opened presents, and had cake and pie to celebrate Judi and Micah's birthdays. Both our families came (Robertson & Bourland). Then the girls stayed up late watching movies and eating popcorn. Katelyn went home around 11pm, and Madison stayed the night. The party was SO MUCH FUN! Happy Birthday Judi!!!!!!

Rainforest Cafe

After we went to the "Friends 2B Made" store we went to the "Rainforest Cafe" and had dinner. Tabitha was almost eaten by the aligator, but Micah saved her just in time! We all had so much fun!

Judi's 10th Birthday Party!

On Saturday we celebrated Judi's 10th Birthday. She invited Katelyn and Madison. First we went to the "Friends 2B Made" store in Ontario Mills. They were holding a charity event and all the girls were able to make a doll that was going to be donated to charity. Once that was over each girl picked out their own doll, stuffed her, set her up in a chair and styled her hair, dressed her, then gave her a name. The girls decided to pick the same doll, but give them their own personalities through their different outfits.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Micah's 34th Birthday

Micah and I celebrated his 34th birthday today by going out to our favorite Sushi Restaurant: "B&F BarBQue and Sushi" in Ontario. Our favorite sushi chef, Irving, was there. He helped Micah celebrate his birthday Sushi Style by giving him a complimentary Tuna Steak and bowl of ice cream. Everyone in the restaurant sang "Happy Birthday" to him! We love Irving! Irving used to live in Utah and enjoys talking with us about our church. After sushi we went to Edwards Theater in Ontario and saw the "Dark Knight!" It was SO good! Thank you Aunty Kristen for watching Tabitha so we could go on our first date since she was born. Love you!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tabitha Turned Over!!!!!

Tonight Tabitha turned over from her back to her tummy for the very first time! Daddy and I were so surprised!!!! I think we may have scared her a little with all the cheering we were doing. But, as you can see, she was pretty proud of herself :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Goodbye Uncle Robby!

Uncle Robby left to be stationed in Germany for the Air Force on Monday, Sept. 1, 2008. On Sunday we had a big family dinner with him and said our "Goodbyes." We will miss him alot. We are very proud of him and his desire to serve for our freedom. We thank him for his great sacrifice. It is because of people like him, that devote their entire lives to our country, that we are able to live in a free country like our own. This will be a great adventue for him, and even though we are sad that he is leaving we are excited for this new experience he will get to have. We pray for his safe return to us. WE LOVE YOU ROBBY!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tabitha's Jump-A-Roo

The doctor says Tabitha needs to work on strengthening her neck, arms, and leg muscles. So, we went out and bought her, her very first jumper! She was so excited about it! But, it might be a little longer until she can use it for her legs because as you can see her feet can't even touch the ground yet!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tabitha Meets Uncle Robby!

Today Tabitha met her Uncle Robby for the first time. He is visiting from Texas. Uncle Robby is in the Air Force working in Security Forces. He will be down for 1 1/2 weeks before he is deployed to Germany for 2 years. We met Uncle Robby at Chili's and had lunch with him, Aunty Kristen, Conner, Robbin, Micah, Tara and Tabitha.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our First Blog

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to say that we've caught up with the times and created our very first blog! Tabitha and Judi took pictures together today. Someone came up to us in Babies R Us and asked if they could practice on Tabitha & Judi and we would receive a free picture. So we agreed (of course). The pictures came out so cute I ended up purchasing some of them.